The Letter of Peace, from its beginning, clearly shows a limit of human beings: "the misdeeds done in History cannot be blamed on those living today, for the simple reason that we did not exist at that time". A human being is a being who lives in time. So, first of all: one hundred or two hundred years ago: "those living today didn't exist". Hence, we cannot be guilty of anything that happened during that time.

Secondly, we exist today. What we cannot do is assign responsibilities now for mistakes and wrongdoings that happened in History long ago. I say History with capital letter.

Those responsible for past actions aren't alive anymore (when I say this I am talking about living in this world. I am not saying whether there is life in another place or in another way). We are "living today". So, we must give up finding and punishing today those responsible for old evils; consequences of which, however, we suffer in the present.

At present there are many disagreements within families and many wars between nations motivated by old injuries and injustices, that could have been avoided if people would just have acted consistently with this evidence!