Is it not true that many states, people, ethnic groups, social groups and even families "have and foster historical resentment" against other peoples, ethnic groups and families? Many times, the reason for this is to retain or increase patriotism, a country's self confidence or even strength and family unity. But this training in resentment generates negative prejudices making relations between people who have to live together very difficult.

The Letter of Peace is cautious about such a fragile subject and shows new evidence by questioning. The right answer to this question can be easily found: "Why, then, should we feel and feed resentment towards each other?"


Efforts have been made (you know them well since you are experts in peace) to harmonize the teaching of History in different countries (UNESCO, for instance). But up until now they have been fruitless. Prejudices between countries have not been eliminated. Great prejudices between different races and religions are still continuing. Family history is twisted, as well when it is passed down from parents to children. In order to have peace, History cannot be falsified.