This indeed constitutes as a post script because it was added after the Letter was first officially signed in Barcelona, on April 22nd, 1993. This P.S. could have had the title: "Warning for leaders", for those who have the task of leading in any field: families, institutions, and even politics.

If the Letter begins by looking at the past in order to eliminate absurd resentments, the P.S. begins by looking forward. But the evidence from where it initiates is the same in both cases: a human being, before conception, did not exist. As we have seen in the first paragraph, contemporary peoples are not responsible for the past. From this evidence, in the P.S. we see that a human being doesn't exist before conception and that depending on what we do in the present, different people will come into being. It concludes with something which is still a widely shared viewpoint today: "Therefore, the welfare of their contemporaries is the most important objective of political leaders".