We are the ones who, in fact, live. What we have in common is this reality: the fact of being and that we might not have existed. We are "brothers and sisters in existence". This makes a fraternity more primordial, basic and wider than fraternity because of blood, race, country, etc. It can be said that we form "the club of the existents." Because human beings have limits and are not gods, we are different from each other.

During their history and life period, people, families and countries acquire wisdom, culture and wealth. Some get more than others. Justice is necessary for peace. But justice alone is not enough. Solidarity is needed in order for everyone (people, families, countries) to have the minimum needs to live with dignity.

Blood relationship or friendship, for instance, takes place among people who know each other. Solidarity, however, reaches out to unknown people. The only thing we know about them is just their existence...and their needs.

"Our awareness of this primordial fraternity in existence will facilitate our solidarity" with everyone so this way we will be able to work more easily for peace.