Nowadays, more than ever before in History, many countries and continents are organizing "new social structures considered appropriate in order to make a more solid and peaceful society". But, what do we base these structures on?

The current social structures "considered appropriate in their time" don't have endurance to bear new ones. They weren't built for that. And what is more, structures and institutions, because they are made by men and women, are also limited.

But it is normal that those who manage these structures and institutions today are also limited, because they are made by men and women. It is also normal that those who manage these structures today, wish to remain in power. They want their old structures to remain. So, they praise them as the best foundation on which to construct the new ones.

If in order for the old structures to be the pillars of the new ones, they have to be remodeled and strengthened-- this will help them to stay in power.

The Letter of Peace doesn't state that this is impossible but it says it is "dangerous" to do it. Each case has to be taken into account closely. What the letter of Peace tells us is that "it is safer to build the pillars of these new structures on human geographic units". They can be people, ethnic groups, regions, etc. The way of avoiding "the risk of these structures closing in on themselves" is mentioned in the previous paragraph: "being aware of the primordial fraternity in existence".