For a long time, human beings have been defined as an "intelligent animal". Today, we are more sensitive about human freedom so we define the human being as "free, intelligent and capable of love". It is well known that "there is no peace if there is no justice". Peace based on injustice will be false peace and it will lead to the suffering of many. It will be short-lived and will probably end in strife and war.


On one hand, love is not an optional reality for human beings. Neither is it an exclusive reality of those who profess a religion excluding the rest of the people from living it. But on the other, it is very difficult for anyone to always be fair and just with everyone, regardless of if these people are known, unknown or even enemies. This is very difficult. There are few examples in universal History or in family history. "There is no justice if there is no love" Love is necessary in family life, has to also be a part of professional, business life and in the workplace if peace is a true desire.


The seventh paragraph says: "Love cannot be forced or imposed, neither can it be blind. It must be lucid. Either it arises freely and wisely or it is not genuine" These sentences are obvious. In order to have peace it is necessary to "defend, favor and develop the genuine freedom of the individual". The words "freedom", "free" and "freely" appear seven times in the text of the Letter of Peace addressed to the U.N.

The lack or reduction of freedom, in families (especially in children and women because of still existent male domination), in the workplace, in politics as well as in relations between countries can be the greatest offense to a person's dignity. This is one of the largest sources of unhappiness and resentment and they become the greatest obstacles to peace. Human beings are essentially social. You see, we are born in a small society of two people, a woman and a man. Human freedom cannot be practiced in a individualistic way. To have peace, freedom must be lived in its "social co-responsibility" dimension which is the innermost part of it. This way, through social co-responsibility, peace can be facilitated.