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Graduate Culture of Peace

Since 2006, the Letter of Peace Foundation offers training courses about Culture of Peace at the Institute of Continuing Education of the UB. In 2008 opened the "Graduate Culture of Peace, Intercultural Dialogue and Social Cohesion: Practical Applications."


This postgraduate study provides theoretical and practical tools to social agents who deal conflicts appear from social interaction. The culture of peace is studied from an integrated approach that includes an analysis from different realities and disciplines.


It is addressed to social agents, educators, teachers, professors, educators, philosophers, psychologists, health workers, social workers, scholars, anthropologists, geographers, historians and people interested in specializing in Culture of Peace.

Universitat de Barcelona

  • Open Registration
  • Director: Begoña Román
  • Credits: 30 Prize: 1370€ [+ info]


The Letter of Peace Addressed to the UN Foundation has a long history in the organization of seminars that deals with Peace issues from the Letter of Peace addressed to the UN point of view. For more information and registration write info@letterofpeace.org


Pacify the end

Philosophia Pacis

Course to relieve the distress of the pockets of people who are facing the end of his life. In Spanish

Pacify organizations

Philosophia Pacis

Identify tensions in organizations and the keys of an ethical leadership. In Spanish.

Great women peace thinkers

Philosophia Pacis

The reflection on peace and analysis of texts of various philosophers and thinkers of the 20th.

Memory, forgetfulness and reconciliation

Philosophia Pacis


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Letter of Peace addressed to the UN