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Secretary for the third time (New York, 1998), the organizations who were promoting the Letter of Peace addressed to the UN backed the creation of the Letter of Peace addressed to the UN Foundation.

Objectives are raise awareness about peace; contribute to the promotion and dissemination of a Culture of Peace; carry out research into peace and perform the above on the basis of the Letter of Peace.

The aim of the Foundation is to support the dissemination and promotion of the document on an international scale and carrying out research into peace, specially by the Peace Institutes around the world.

In February 2002 the Letter of Peace addressed to the UN Foundation was officially registered on the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya) Foundation register as number 1656.

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What is the Letter of Peace addressed to the UN?

The Letter of Peace, addressed to the UN is a document written by a group of persons with a great concern for peace, directed to all those who have a will for peace in the world and desire to work for it. It consists of an introduction, ten questions, a conclusion and a postscript.

What is the origin of the Letter of Peace?

The Letter of Peace addressed to the United Nations was drafted by two Barcelonans Dr. Alfredo Rubio and Jose Luis Socias when they gave some conferences in Xian, China in March, 1989. They continued the draft for four years during which they organized more than a hundred meetings for dialogue and study in Barcelona and other cities of various countries, convening many professors and experts of Catalonia and the rest of Spain, and other countries of Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Delivery to the United Nations

The Letter of Peace was presented publicly for the first time in Barcelona on April 22, 1993, and thereafter it started to be disseminated in more than 80 countries over the five continents gathering thousands of signatures in most parts of the world. The Letter of Peace was officially delivered solemnly to the Secretary General of the United Nations on January 4, 1995, accompanied by signatures and testimonies gathered thus far; new testimonies and signatures continue to be delivered to this High Office as they are received.

Why is this letter addressed to the United Nations?

The Letter of Peace is a document with a specific audience; it is directed to all people without distinction of race, sex, language or creed. At this time, the United Nations is the international organization which best represents humanity, since in it there are representatives of the vast majority of peoples and nations. Moreover, since its origin the organization has directed its principal efforts to the building of world peace

How does the Letter of Peace contribute to peace?

The Letter of Peace attempts to achieve global peace, that is to say, peace for every person with themselves, as well as in the families, among generations, among different social groups, cultures, ethnic groups, religions, and among peoples. The sum of millions of drops of rain can produce a flood; similarly, the sum of resentments and frustrations of millions of people can produce devastating dissatisfaction and violence; on the contrary, the sum of peace and calm of millions of people can produce in the world a flood of peace which makes possible an epoch of great happiness for everybody in history. Everyone is called, then, to the peace of all. The Letter of Peace, by stimulating reflection on the points it raises, will help each person in this task of constructing peace.

Is it a political or religious document or does it have any other ideology or link of any type?

«This letter is not based on any particular ideology, but is the result of self evident facts.» says the same document in its introduction. Because of this, it has been accepted by many persons, independently of the ideologies, political positions, or beliefs they may have. It does not, then, have any political nor religious content; moreover, it is a document totally respecting people's political and religious choices.

What is the objective of this Letter?

The objective is that as many people as possible read it. Everyone could agree with one or more points set forth in it. «It is hoped»--it says in the opening--«that those who sympathize with it will set in motion specific steps for peace.»

Can this Letter be broadcast, copied, or printed?

Yes. The Letter of Peace is a document intended to be distributed in all possible corners of the world. Therefore, although the Letter of Peace has a copyright, all the promoters allow any person who is enthusiastic about its contents to disseminate it by whatever means, as long as the original source is cited, and the text is not manipulated for other purposes. No one can own its contents, as they are simply self-evident truths which belong to everyone.


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