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The Letter of Peace addressed to the United Nations was drafted by two Barcelonans Dr. Alfredo Rubio and Jose Luis Socias when they gave some conferences in Xian, China in March, 1989.

They continued the draft for four years during which they organized more than a hundred meetings for dialogue and study in Barcelona and other cities, convening many professors and experts of all over the world..

  • New York, January 4th 1995

  • New York, January 25th 1996

  • New York, October 29th 1998

  • Barcelona, September 14th 2004

Delivery to the UN

With occasion of its fifty anniversary, we gave the Letter of Peace to the United Nations, accompanied by the signatures and testimonies gathered until then; These are presented regularly to the Secretary General of this prestigious organisation .


We hope that one day certain points or aspects of the Letter of Peace will become an instrument of the United Nations, which favors the diffusion of such, as well as its incorporation in the spirit of the legislations of the peoples of all nations.


We thank the United Nations for receiving the Letter of Peace, and for becoming public receptors of this Document, registering it according to their procedures and protocol, to pass on to whoever may request it.

The Letter of Peace all over the world

The objective is that as many people as possible read it. Everyone could agree with one or more points set forth in it. "It is hoped"–it says in the opening– "that those who sympathize with it will set in motion specific steps for peace.


In the work of diffusion of the Letter of the Peace realized all over the world, we collect testimonies and commentaries of personalities and representatives of institutions: intelelectuals, politicians, artists, etc. We present a selection of some of these testimonies.

*«Peace is too serious a problem to be entrusted only to the states of the world»
Boutros Ghali , in the 2nd delivery of the Letter of Peace to the United Nations, New York, January 25th, 1996.

Letter of Peace addressed to the UN