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The Letter of Peace all over the World

The Letter of Peace adressed to tue UN was presented publicly for the first time in Barcelona, in the art center Santa Monica on April 22th,1993.

It has been disseminated in more than 80 countries on the five continents, gathering thousands of signatures in most parts of the world.

The objective of this Letter is that as many people as possible read it. Everyone could agree with one or more points set forth in it.

«It is hoped» –it says in the opening– «that those who sympathize with it will set in motion specific steps for peace.»

The Letter of Peace in pictures

*«Peace is too serious a problem to be entrusted only to the states of the world»
Boutros Ghali , in the 2nd delivery of the Letter of Peace to the United Nations, New York, January 25th, 1996.

Letter of Peace addressed to the UN