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Pedagogical Resources

Since 1995 the Department of Peace Pedagogy has devised a range of resources for working with children, young people and adults in formal and non-formal educational settings, as tools to facilitate training for peace. We highlight the resources promoted by this Department.

Portada Guía Didáctica

Resource book: «Building Peace» Marta Burguet, Mercè Sáiz, Amalia Valderrama, María Viñas

This resource book offers a foundation in how to underpin education for peace in order to make the peace-building process solid and realistic. “Building Peace” is a small step towards the unavoidable joint task of building a fairer and more peaceful society. It is intended as a practical
tool for teachers, school monitors, play workers and anyone who not only wishes for peace but is also prepared to make an effort to build it around them.


This guide is the product of a joint project carried out by a group of individuals from different professional backgrounds. It contains around 80 different activities and exercises that can be used to look at peace building with children and young people aged 3 to 18 through workshops,
storytelling, films, songs, games and quizzes. The activities create easy access to the contents of the Letter of Peace addressed to the UN and are a great instrument for delving deep into values and attitudes through the framework of peace education.

Portada Multimedia

Multimedia guide: «Peace is possible»Several Authors

This educational resource aims to arouse the interest of teenagers and young people on the subject of peace. Lively, visual language is used that relates closely to the interests of this age group. The action is set in a youth centre where six people meet over the period of an academic year to talk about peace.


The resource begins by looking at the questions, experiences and options that young people have in relation to peace putting them in the context of everyday life. Similar to the Resource Book, this project was created by a group of individuals from different professions, including trainers, scriptwriters, journalists, artists, designers, psychologists, school-teachers, actors, voice-over artists, etc.

The multimedia guide is made up of 11 scenes, each focussing
on the contents of the Letter of Peace addressed to the UN. It comes with 12 sets of teaching notes that can be used for group work or individual study and provides teachers with guidance to help generate discussions with young people based on each scene.

Letter of Peace addressed to the UN